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Stand tall (original_lyrics)

What did you expect
That she would love you back well look in her eyes,
And tell me if this is really a surprise
Cause deep down you know
When someone loves you they will let it show

You love too much
Never enough but I’m telling you,
You’ve only brought this on yourself
You can’t go around blaming anyone else- and it’s true,
What they say about you

You’re broken

But one day someone’s going to find you
And one day someone’s going to fix you
And that day could be anytime soon
So for now please stay true to you
Put your heart on the line if that’s what you want to do
Cause you never know if she’s…
The missing piece

Promise me

That you’re going to stand tall
Don’t worry about the fall

Love as a force can break through
Every bit of pain that’s inside you



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It’s not a choice

She smiles
She cares
She laughs
She loves
She says I am beautiful
She says I am her first choice
She says she would, if she could

But she tells me she can’t laugh
Can’t love
She tells me she’s not beautiful
She tells me it’s not her choice

I tell her it’s not a choice

It’s who she is
I tell her she’s beautiful
Even if her smiles are full of sadness


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Marks on her skin

There are marks on her skin

So she doesn’t know where love ends and pain begins

So there’s no way for her suffering to hide

So she can never be perfect
No matter how many times they tell her she could be if she tried

So she feels like she’s first to be seen, even when she’s last

So she can’t see past the hurt to the future -stuck in a scarred past

But please, look at me
Even with those glazed eyes
All I want to do is help
I will stare into your eyes long enough to melt the pain if you let me

It’s not too late

It’s not too late

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They clamp his heart
Behind worn out prison bars
Force his misery into a box

Forgetting that just yesterday
He took a walk with an empty baby carrier because he can’t let go

Remembering instead that evening
When he cried for hours
Over the bruised body of the bartender

But he wasn’t crying over spilt blood
But over the fact that, whatever he did, his little angel was never coming back


School-Life.. Teenage shit

they give us examinations
no time for explorations
of reality, they show a misrepresentation
of a world full of endless destinations

they abbreviate it, and its problems
depicting a world with no complications
with only solutions to maths equations
and when they decide it should be summarised
into a single addition exercise

they compress, our eyes
that could see the worlds beauty
fill us, with lies
that they speak daily

I’m sorry…
but while i completely see the need for education,
why does it need to be done like stifling starvation
replacing our sensations with facts and figures
words and numbers, fill our bodies
and the small print lingers

And then they can give us no space for self-realisation
only space for their fucking generalisations
….generalisations are of a world that should never be generalised